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UBT REC (Recording) is an application to record the sound and video of examinees to prevent cheating. It is a high-tech tool that detects head movements and is used to supervise test cites. UBT REC works simultaneously on a separate device at the exam of UBT Web or UBT App  

Take the exam with the UBT AI proctor and test taker. In response to changes in test taker behavior, it guides test takers with sounds and messages to focus on the test. Through UBT REC, a test environment management app with the latest compression technology, the capacity of the test taker environment file saved for 1 hour is 66MB (up to 186MB or less), which dramatically reduces Internet usage and server network infrastructure environment.

How it works:
① Start UBT REC application on a device, which is a separate device where UBT APP is installed. 
② The application will record test-takers during the  test. 
③ When the test is over, sound and video records are encrypted into a file, which is transferred to an analysis module. 
④ Examinees whose sound or movement exceeds the standard level are sorted out and determined whether it is cheating or not.

Stable technology adopted in the national qualification exams

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