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Exam Management Service

Exam Management Service

Exam Management Service

NS Devil Co., Ltd. provides an optimized UBT test solution by analyzing the evaluation type of the implementing agency .

The UBT exam offers statistical data and exam analysis, such as  correct answer rate, time spent on a question, the number of answer change, and analyzes learning achievement and improves the quality of questions.


The Global Standard of Smart Device-based UI/UX is embodied as result of the co-research by the International Design Institute of Hongik University and SK Telecom.


The biggest strength  is the technology built up over 7 years of partnership with accredited exam organizations nationwide.

  • Optimized technology for portable smart devices

  • Anti-hacking solutions with full-range encryption

  • Real-time exam monitoring

  • Easy and reliable test operation from registration to analysis on exam results

1_UBT 원격운영기술지원.JPG
2_UBT 시험현장 관리.JPG
4_UBT 장비 임대.png
5_UBT 시험관련제반업무.JPG
6_부정행위추적 기능 결과분석.png

UBT test remote operation

technical support

UBT test site management

manpower support

Technical support for exam questions

(Excluding image and video editing)

UBT equipment rental

All about UBT exam

Business receptionist, seat assignment,

Seat label production and attachment

cheating tracking function and

Analysis of test results

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