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UBT CLOUD is a cloud based examination platform in application of smart devices (PC, smart phones, tablets), which establishes the learning assessment system anywhere.  It is an online testing platform optimized for a non face-to-face learning environment

  • AI Supervisor service to analyze examinee’s movements
  • Interwork with UBT REC app to record video and sound to manage test environment
  • Cheating pattern detection and data verification through 3D restoration analysis technology
  • Monitoring the density of examinees through their location
  • Global test support through NSD Cloud
스크린샷 2021-06-21 오전 4.31.33.png
  • 3,000 test applicants  for the national healthcare provider’s license exam organized by Ministry of Health in Mongolia, May 2020
  • Non face-to-face exam by using AI supervisor at the School of Dentistry, Seoul National University and publishing it result on the the Journal of Dental Education, June 2020
  • Mid and final terms in application of AI supervisors and exam environment monitoring technology at School of Dentistry, Busan National University since October 2020

NSDevil technology is reliable and is adopted in the national qualification exams.

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