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UBL (Ubiquitous-based Learning) Cloud is a learning platform that implements online education on tablet PCs, PCs, and mobile devices.

It provides an easy content-building tool (such as Drag & Drop), and a two-way communication interface. You can set up an integrated and user-friendly education environment through the global CDN (Content Delivery Network) and a variety of functions, such as chatting, real-time quiz and survey, control on a learner’s screen through AI-based technology.

Main Service

User Friendly UI

Easy Attendance Check

Stable Video Playback Service

Learning Material Storage and Management

Video Chat and Screen Share Service for Real-time Communication

Feedback on Learning Process


U-Folio is a medical education platform that records and assesses the history of self-learning and medical clinical training. It is designed to achieve competency assessment-oriented education at medical school. 
It is a useful tool to help medical students to develop their learning skills and processes by setting up study plans, which are evaluated by professors online. U-Folio is a breakthrough platform since it can provide a stable analysis of classes and clinical learning of students by keeping track of their records saved over years.


Stable technology adopted in the national qualification exams

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