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About UBT Enabled Policy.

We're being qualified the equipment for best performance on the UBT ecosystem.

FOXCONN Factory in China.

Development meeting for UBT Enabled tablet PC.

​We're giving UBT Enabled mark after qualification test. The test focus on field test and connectivity test with other equipment.

After qualification progress, contract progress, and mark/seal with guidelines will be delivered for your product.

  • Tablet PC (SmartPAD)

  • Smart Phones and other smart devices

  • Wireless APs, Routers

  • Servers and PCs as a relay server

UBT enabled INTEL NUC 2019 edition

UBT Enabled INTEL NUC i3/i5 2019 edition

Intel i3/i5 CPU, 4GB/8GB/16GB Memory, 120GB/240GB/480GB SSD, Ubuntu linux

*UBT Relay server edition can install.

*UBL CLOUD local server edition can install.

*The NUC can install to STS(Smart Tray System).


This is ET1012T for Project EEO BULT. [Educational purpose and general purpose]

The brand name of this tablet PC (Android) - Collaboration between NSDevil in S.Korea and FOXCONN in China.

-Resolution : 2K resolution (2048x1536)

-OS : Android 9.x for UBT Enabled

-Certificate : Google GMS certified

DVW-4038 Wireless AP

The wireless AP to give a connectivity between UBT relay server and tablet PC(Smart PAD)

It's quite important part of UBT. The UBT Enabled wireless AP can control data transfer function as well.

Frequency : 2.4GHz and 5GHz


INTEL NUC is one of UBT Enabled UBT relay server.



HDD : 120GB SSD / 500GB SATA



Foxconn manufactured this tablet in China factory.

SKT is one of distributor of this tablet in education sector.


The first UBT Enabled tablet. It manufactured in S******* China factory.

CPU : A9 Dual core

Ram : 1GB

Storage : 16GB internal storage

OS : Android 4.4

Mark : KC/UBT Enabled


1st generation tablet PC from Foxconn. 

CPU : Quad-core

RAM : 1G~1.5GB

Storage : 16GB

OS : Android 4.4 (Support UBT/SBT mode)

Certificate : KC/UBT Enabled

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