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About us

We will pave the way to innovate the educational system.

We have embarked on a long journey to change the setting where wealth plays a key role. Most people are familiar with what they have experienced, and they have done their best to bring out a better result with  limited resources in the setting.
However, the disappointing result has made people resistant to what they have now, which has driven many people to search for alternatives. What makes a meaningful difference is not propaganda but practical approaches in terms of making changes. We decided to set up a company to negotiate with the past and to make the future where technology, knowledge, experiences, and resources play each role.
The journey began in 2010, and since then we have expanded human resources and networks around the world, created new technology through knowledge, experiences, and failure. Now, we are ready to face the new world.



COVID-19 has become synonymous with changes, but change does not come for free.
The following activities and technologies that we have pursued prove that we have made changes and been in preparation for the changes. We face a wind of changes and the combination of education and technology will make a big difference in the paradigms of education.

  • Assistance in learning and assessment through AI supervisor

  • UBT CLOUD that implements small quizzes and national qualification exam

  • UBL CLOUD, the blended learning tool which assists learning at school and support distance learning outside of school

  • U-Folio, a medical education platform that records history of self-learning and medical practices

  • UBT enabled Android tablet, a high-performance device that implements the above technologies

  • Openstack global cloud infrastructure which maximizes cost efficiency and reliability in compliance with a local data protection policy

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