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  • Bilingual Proficiency Test by UBT at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

  • MOU with University of Licungo in Mozambique on Introduction of UBT and UBL and their pilot projects 

  • Launch of NSD GLOBAL CLOUD of Mozambique

  • Participation in Mozambique Project by ODA Center of Inje University


  • Expansion of NSD GLOBAL CLOUD in Indonesia

  • Pilot operation to conduct empirical study of NSD Global Cloud in the European Union (EU Zone)

  • Pilot project of image technology UBL MEET to integrate education & technology

  • Research to  improve AI Supervisor

  • Research on Robotics Technology to support the future education support system

  • Business Agreement with NAVER

  • Pilot project on non-face-to-face education and evaluation in the public education sector with Ministry of Education in Mongolia

  • Non face-to-face exams to select doctoral residents & health care service providers, Ministry of Health in Mongolia

  • AI supervisor applied UBT test on EPS (Employment Permit System), Human Resources Development Service of Korea

  • Studies on AI supervisor applied exams, Seoul National University School of Dentistry

  • Non-face-to-face exams with AI supervisors, Busan University School of Dentistry


  • Discussion about conversion into UBT method of healthcare provider’s license exam  with Ministry of Health Minister in Mongolia

  • Meeting on UBT and UBL implementation with superintendents and principals of education in Selenge Province, Mongolia

  • Development of the third UBT Enabled Android Tablet with Foxconn

  • UBT exam in the plastic surgeon specialist exam in Korea

  • South Korea-Vietnam-Nepal, Conclusion of an agreement for joint research on AI Technology in Healthcare(Organized by Yonsei University)

  • MOU to introduce UBL CLOUD, UBT CLOUD, and AI Supervisors to 9 universities in Indonesia

  • Discussion with a French company ALIOS about virtual reality-based UBT CLOUD and device development

  • UBT exam in the doctoral residency selection exam in Mongolia

  • Pilot operation of NSD GLOBAL CLOUD in Mongolia

  • Technology introduction and discussion on the UBT/UBL introduction and international cooperation with Karlstad University in Sweden

  • Feasibility study of UBT and UBL business  in Mozambique

  • End of the NSD GLOBAL CLOUD pilot operation in South Korea and started the Infrastructure expansion and operation


  • MOU on UBL/UBT adoption at the three educational training center under the Ministry of Manpower in Indonesia

  • UBT in the national healthcare provider’s license exam (doctors, nurses) organized by Health Development Center under Ministry of Health in Mongolia

  • UBL (LMS) and other technology application business in 40 elementary/secondary schools in Nepal

  • SBT in the  Emergency Medical Technician  Licensing Exam (EMT, Level 1)

  • Presentation as a successful overseas export case in the IT sector by KOTRA

  • CSR project to utilize UBT technology for the Indonesian government, by KOTRA-NSD Vietnam

  • Presentation of NSD technology by Invitation to the  ADB-UNESCO South Asia Regional Symposium on ICT for Education

  • MOU on the utilization and joint research of UBT with Hanoi Medical University in Vietnam

  • Contract of UBT usage with National University of Mongolia

  • Contract of UBT-enabled national license exams with Center for Health Development (CHD), Ministry of Health in Mongolia

  • Contract for the innovation in public education with application of UBL and UBT technologies with three local governments in Nepal

  • Workshop to develop UBT optimized questions to collaborate with four EEO BULT countries  by the support of KOTRA and the Ministry of Manpower in Indonesia

  • UBT at the dental residency selection exam in South Korea


  • SBT test in the Emergency Medical Technician Licensing Exam (EMT, Level 1)

  • Selected as a successful export case in the IT sector by KOTRA

  • Presentation as  a global innovation technology/activity case  in 2017 chosen by  Asian Development Bank (ADB)

  • Selected Presentation in the 17th CAN Information & Communication Technology Conference 2017

  • Agreement on UBT implementation with PAMJAKI for insurer license exams in Indonesia

  • Development of the second UBT Enabled Android Tablet with Foxconn

  • Presentation as the global innovation case in the UBT, UBL technology-based education at the Enhancing Education and Training of Health Professional - The role of ICT, organized by ADB-Vietnam

  • MOU on joint business with BBPP (civil servant training center) of Ministry of Manpower in  Indonesia

  • Agreement of UBT implementation and expansion at College Admission Test (CAT) with DMMMSU, Philippines as a successful export case in the IT sector by KOT

  • Implementation of a project to introduce UBL for infection education at local hospitals/health centers with the HUE UMP of Vietnam

  • Trial application of UBL at the job search education in the Korean Sunbee Research Institute

  • MOU on the introduction of UBT with the Hanoi Open University (HOU) in Vietnam

  • Presentation as a case of UBT and UBL applied education plan in the public sector at the Workshop on School Sector Development Plan in Nepal

  • The Role of ICT, organized by ADB and Nepalese Government

  • Discussion on UBT application in the national license exam for health care workers with the vice secretary of  Department of Health, Vietnam 

  • UBT exam at the midterm at a middle school in the Marikina Office of Education in the Philippines

  • 4th ULTP & EEO BULT international conference - The Philippines


  • Presentation as a global innovation technology/activity case in 2016 selected by Asian Development Bank (ADB) 

  • Activities to spread educational technology in order to innovate the local education in Nepal (8 primary and secondary schools) 

  • UBT and UBL introduction project in Hue University in Vietnam(ODA project by Jeju Halla University and Gachon University)

  • Launch of Korean language curriculum based on UBL taught in local communities at DMMMSU in the Philippines

  • UBT exam in the College Admission Test (CAT) at DMMMSU, Philippines

  • UBL-based PBL (Problem Based Learning) at School of Medicine,  Keimyung University

  • {Pilot project of UBT-based FLEX at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

  • MOU of UBT and UBL application and teacher training with Islamic University of Indonesia

  • MOU of UBT and UBL application, and teacher/civil servant training  with  Quezon Office of Education, Department of Education of the Philippines

  • UBT exam for the college entrance exam at Pasundan University (UNPAS) in observation of Ministry of Education, Indonesia

  • UBT exam at a midterm Kathmandu University, Nepal

  • UBL application to education inmates in the Quezon prison in cooperation with the Quezon Office of Education in the Philippines

  • The 3rd ULTP & EEO BULT International Conference, South Korea 


  • SBT at the specialist exam by the Korean Orthopaedic Association

  • Selected as KIBO (Korea Technology Finance Corporation) A+ Members 

  • Project to build the UBT/UBL environment in mountain villages in Nepal and conduct empirical research

  • MOU with Kathmandu University in Nepal to support UBT/UBL-based evaluation and education innovation at school

  • Technical support to educate underprivileged people and schools  in Haiti

  • Implementation of UBT at Changwon University           

  • Support for the APEC e-Learning Training Program (AeLT) 

  • Joint participation SKT-NSD at Innovfest Unbound organized by NUS (National University of Singapore)

  • UBT Assessment at Depart of Special Education, Tribhuvan University of Nepal

  • UBT at Logitech Academy of  Samsung Electronics

  • MOU on joint business with Samsung Credu 

  • MOU with Ministry of Education in Vietnam to innovate education in the lifelong education sector 

  • MOU to introduce UBL at the Hai Duong Lifelong Education Center in Vietnam and its implementation

  • UBT/UBL application agreement with School No.23 in Mongolia and teacher training and research

  • Discussions with Ministry of Education, Republic of Botswana on UBT/UBL introduction 

  • UBT training for professors and teachers at Umfolozi College in South Africa

  • Evaluation exams by UBT at Department of Dentistry, Yonsei University

  • MOU on UBT and its research GMIT (German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology) in Mongolia 

  • Organized the Second ULTP(U-Learning training program) & EEO BULT in Indonesia


  • R&D on U-Folio  with Medical School, Inje University and Education -Technology at University of Georgia (UGA), USA

  • SBT at dental specialist exam 

  • UBT for College Admission Test (CAT) in DMMMSU (Philippines)

  • Workshop for the application of UBL and UBT at the Umfolozi College in South Africa

  • ODA business to apply UBT/UBL at Tribhuvan National University in Nepal

  • MOU for a joint project on U-Learning with University of Indonesia (UI)  Indonesia

  • MOU on co-research with College of Education at University of Georgia (UGA)

  • MOU for a joint project with Foxconn, China 

  • UBT pilot project for smart education (SKT-NSD contract) with Ministry of Education in Thailand

  • UBT at Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST) in cooperation between Chanwon University and NSdevil 

  • Research on UBT technology support at element and secondary schools in Mongolia 

  • 1st  ULTP (U-Learning Training Program) & EEO BULT International conference in South Korea


  • MOU on joint business with SK Telecom  

  • Indonesia's first UBT-based exam conducted at Pasundan -University (UNPAS) in Indonesia

  • Big scale assessment at Inje University, Korea (First case at a medical school)

  • Large-scale UBT assessment at Hallym Polytechnic University, Korea

  • APEC e-Learning Training Program (AeLT)  

  • UBT/UBL technology introduction at the 3rd Busan International ODA Forum 

  • Presentation of UBT/UBL technology as international education cooperation innovation case  at the APEC 3rd Senior 

  • Officials’ Meeting  (SOM 3),  APEC INDONESIA 2013

  • UBT and UBL training to the department heads in the Ministry of -Communication and Information, Indonesia

  • Support of the UBT/UBL training of Smart Education Team (Ministry of Education in Thailand) in Korea

  • MOU of the application of UBT/UBL in the global content sharing  business  by Prime College, Korea National Open University

  • MOU on UBT/UBL usage by  Office of Education in Marikina, with Department of Education, Philippines 

  • MOA on UBT/UBL usage with DMMMSU in Philippines in support of the Commission on Higher Education

  • Presentation of UBT/UBL based international innovation in education at the 9th APEC Future Education Forum


  • MOU to innovate the national health professional license exam by the Korea Health Personnel Licensing Examination Institute

  • Introduction of UBT/UBL at the 5th APEC Education Ministerial Meeting and their  experience presentation

  • Support of E-learning training for civil servants in the APEC E-Learning Training (AeLT) 


  • First development and commercialization of tablet PC-based evaluation solution in the world 

  • Support of E-learning training for civil servants in the APEC E-Learning Training (AeLT) 


  • First development of iPhone-based U-learning (+uLMS) solution in Korea

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