We're developers 

who create education technologies

to give an equal educational opportunity to all.


Supporting educational organizations

During COVID-19 Pandemic situation, We're supporting our technologies to every educational organizations in the world.

(Online education, Secured online assessment, AI platform)

Contact : yunilchoi3@nsdevil.com

We're there, 

when someone need education.

- UBT connect/standalone for reforming exam

- UBL for education enhancement

- uPortfolio for managing one's education history

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We're delivering the

#UBT Connect/Standalone, <!--UBL:U-Learning-->, //U-Portfolio, Mobile exam experience to the people.

"Ubiquitous-based test"

Next generation assessment platform

"Ubiquitous-based learning"

Study : Anyway+Anywhere+Anytime

"Ubiquitous-based portfolio"

Managing a history of your education.

And we love it !

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Core technology development group : UBT(Connect/Standalone)/UBL/AI/Global cloud/uPortfolio