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Commecial license to NSDAI_Loading_GIF.g

NSDAI is being developed for specialists & organizations in Project EEO BULT

NSDAI is NSD first, an artificial intelligence platform for supporting image recognition research and its service operation based on the web. 

Commecial license to NSDAI_Loading_GIF.g

  • Tensorflow & Multi-node training

  • Management images

  • Account management

  • Several projects support

  • Collaboration support

  • Tagging image function included

  • Input as an image, output as a trained text

  • API support for 3rd party application

nsdai_main page.png

  • User application shall connect to NSDAI for its enhanced AI services. 

  • User account has different permission for managing the services.

  • Images can upload to the NSDAI image management system easily.

  • You are concentrating on your own knowledge to train.

  • Not necessary to learn intricate ICT knowledge.

NSDAI platform development v1.1.png

  • The NSDAI divided two groups based on its purpose.

    • Service system

    • Training system

  • Users connect to the service system to manage tasks such as user management, tagging activity, training activity.

  • After AI training, User applications can use the trained AI through API. 

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